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November 12, 2005
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The Battle by Ryoko-and-Yami The Battle by Ryoko-and-Yami
Yami and Ryoko:

This is a request for :icondbcdude01: The description was to draw " a masked warrior with fair skin, dark green hair, a orange tunic with a rapier in hand" and " a female saint in Chinese-style clothes who weilds metal fans". Dude, we hope you like it! ^^

WOW! This took forever to draw! I think at least eight hours. I original drew another swordsman but I didn't like how he was turning out so I decided to redraw him, looking cooler. He was originally sitting on a cliff with an unnatural pose. I didn't like that. So I searched far and wide for a cool swordsmen pose, looking at Orphen and Legend of Zelda. That didn't help me must but gave me an good idea. My mom took a picture of me holding my wooden sword to allow me to draw a good hand. The difference from a rapier and other swords is that it has a guard so I drew my first sword with one. The main problem after that was drawing him "masked". People in the Middle Ages didn't have masked but used cloaks unless one was a jesture. Since "mask" just means to cover, I covered some of his face with a cloak. Ryoko didn't have such a hard time as me. She quickly finished the Chinese chick.

I also had to do some research on symbols for coat of arms. The vol or set of wings means swiftness and protection. The wyvern means valour and protection. And the peacock feather means beauty, power, and knowledge. I thought those matched a warrior.

After finish inking and editing we pondered on the background. We wanted blood. T----T Yes, blood. So I finally got to try out the splatter effect with black ink. It's quite fun to do though my mom didn't approve of it. After two hours of waiting for the ink to dry I scanned it up and inserted it behind the characters, keeping some of the blood on their weapons.

I printed it out and began the long coloring process. I had to refill some of my colors before hand as well. I added the finishing touches and Bam! It's complete.

Hope you like it! We think it turned out very good!

pencil, paper, copic ink pens, black ink, white ink, Comic Works, paint brush, photo of me holding sword, image of Chinese saint from some video game, internet site with coat of arms symbols, printer, scanner, and Copic Markers.
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Very cool ^-^!! ..I love the colouring for this image.
jpopqueen26 Jun 20, 2006  Student General Artist
ok too many things i remember :O_o:..........but this is sooooooo cool!! i love the background! i wish i can draw like you guys....:tears:
You'll get better! Just keep at it! : )
mark-cabrera Apr 10, 2006  Professional Photographer
very interesting character designs. although i cant help but feel like ive seen them other places before. very good regardless, excellent work.
Seen them before...really? I didn't really look at anything except for symbols for coat of arms. Thanks for the comment.
mark-cabrera Apr 11, 2006  Professional Photographer
the style reminds me of some past anime. :D, mainly Records of Lodoss War
I hadn't watched that anime when I drew this.
Good picture. It's dynamic and has a nice colour scheme. :)
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