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April 8, 2006
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Dancing in the Deep Blue by Ryoko-and-Yami Dancing in the Deep Blue by Ryoko-and-Yami
Ryoko and Yami:

Well, right now we been playing Kingdom Hearts nonstop since it came out and we are almost at the end. Actually we could go and beat it if we didn't want to see the secret part. So to get the secret part we are finishing Jimmy's Journal before we fight the final battle.

First off we don't have a weird Sora and Ariel coupleing thing. We're for Sora and Kairi all the way! We just liked the mini games in Atlantica and wanted to draw a picture from when they are dancing. It was supposed to be a dance but some say it doesn't....

Ryoko said she had a little hard time drawing Ariel but she likes how she came out. Sora's hair is not easy! It's weird to draw. But I like to draw him. It was hard to make the style match and sizing them to each other. I messed up coloring a bit of Sora's fin were his waist was. I tried to fix it... Plus dark blue and green are the hardest colors to blend well and make it look solid with Copic Markers.

Over all we think it came out nice. ^^

Pencil, paper, scanner, printer, color pencils, Copic Markers, Copic pens, Comic Works, Kingdom Hearts Guide Book, Disney Princess Coloring Book, scissors.
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rw:love your art dude ,do u think u can do me a req.4 free?
Thanks. I don't do requests. Sorry.
I think what happened with Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II was less a failure of songwriting than it was a failure of marketing. Disney knew that kids would eat this musical up and Square Enix failed to convince them to change it for the teen market it was really going after. That's what went wrong (I think).
Lavie-Nenharma Nov 8, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
That;s done withb MARKERS???
I bow to your texta shading ability!
that's so cool! **
I looooove atlantica and the songs! and this two dancing are sooo perfect! ;D
*do not say that to kairi XD*
If Kairi saw that she wouldn't be happy!
If I saw them in the real world, I'd consider them siblings
Ariel would finally have a brother!
I think it would be cute! I see her talking to Sora about Kairi -- "You two should sing a song!"

"OH dear LORD!! PLEASE!!! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!" that was on someone else's comic, but it would be funny. They make him do the most FEMININE things in the game.
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